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no signal logono signal

2024 | lost contact | in development

narrative-driven, hidden object adventure game about loneliness. you're stuck by yourself on a space station orbiting a black hole, trying to fix a busted comms array so you can go home. there's no one to call for help.

voluntary commitment logovoluntary commitment

2024 | null | in development

you are committed to a mysterious institution populated by troubled and charming inhabitants. you are advised to consent to all applicable treatments proposed by the staff. you are now required to voluntarily sign this form...

gender dysphoria logogender dysphoria

2020 | gender dysphoria | released

short 20 minute non-linear kinetic novel about negative experiences after coming out as transgender.

teknedia (2021 | weldworks | released) steam

port of call (2015 | styx | released) steam



2016 | rumor | in development

free and open source narrative scripting language that is easy to diff, easy to read, and flexible!

unity-python (2015 | unity-python | abandoned) github